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Ruli District Hospital is an approved hospital owned by the Catholic Archdiocese of Kigali. This is one of two district hospitals of Gakenke district, the second being that of Nemba.According to the catchment area, Ruli District Hospital oversees seven health centers covering a total population of about 119,617 inhabitants.

Activities related to health services began in the year 1968 in Ruli. The sisters Dominicans of Anunciata, Fathers of the Spanish Diocese of Vic (Barcelona-Spain) are the initiators. The collaboration of these with local authorities gradually allowed the start of activities specific to the Health Centre in 1975. The problems posed by the transfer of patients to nearest hospitals at that time pushed the initiators to think about building a hospital around 1981. It was still the combined work of the Dominicans of Anunciata sisters, fathers of the parish, local and foreign friends. Thus, 22 July 1988, the President of the Republic laid the first stone of the hospital to Ruli-Musasa.

Twinning of Land Rhénanie-Palatinate with Rwanda, the organization Krankenhaus Rwanda, Rwanda-Lux Association and the Italian Priest Ernesto Valiano allowed the construction of buildings that were present before the 1994 genocide.These tragic events have stopped the construction works and the emergency situation that prevailed at that time was that the Hospital was opened before the end of construction. These are German NGOs known as Johanniter Unfall-Hilfe and Help that helped the opening of the Hospital after the war, exactly 1 October 1994. New buildings that remained to be built were completed in early 1998.